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Ameribanker Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Atherton

About Vincent O'Shea

Your trusted Atherton and Bay Area Realtor

Vincent O'Shea has been the  top-Listing  (Broker-Owner) in the town of Atherton for 8 consecutive years 2010 to 2017.
Vincent's business is built around his clients' goals, making his service a direct reflection of the families and friends he has helped reach their real estate goals. The company has now sold 100 + Atherton homes and will expand to all of Silicon Valley as well as the entire Peninsula.
  • Vince O'Shea, Sr. and Vince O’Shea, Jr. have sold more than 100 homes in Atherton, the most expensive zip code in the United States. Our team has expert knowledge of the area, and we provide great service and marketing at a very reasonable commission, passing the savings along to our clients.
  • We can sell any property in Silicon Valley or on the Peninsula, no matter what the price. We also work with a partner network spanning California and nationwide. If you need a referral, we’ll make sure it’s a good fit.
  • Beginning in May 2018, we’re offering a low 1% commission on all new listings in the Peninsula / Silicon Valley area.
  • Effective immediately, we will pay the other broker 2.5% of the total 3.5% on each new listing. And if Ameribanker also represents the buyer on any of our listings, we’ll charge just 3% total commission to the seller.
  • We limit our listings to 7-14 per month, and we always keep our service and marketing at a high level, knowing that every 17 days on average, we will sell a listing. Please text or email us or leave us a voice message for a prompt response.
  • Our low commission rate puts more money in your pocket.
  • Sale Price Savings
  • $3 million $45,000
  • $4 million $60,000
  • $5 million $75,000
  • $6 million $90,000
  • $7 million $105,000
  • We offer state-of-the-art virtual reality home tours from LNG3D, an award-winning architectural rendering and virtual reality company, along with top-quality photos and video of your property, including full international exposure (in English and Chinese). The video will describe in detail your home’s best features, plus area demographics; proximity to shops, stores, and restaurants; distance to major companies such as Google and Facebook; highlights of San Francisco and nearby areas; etc.
  • How can you do all of these things and still make money?
  • Most agents ask for six months to sell your home and set prices as high as possible. We offer a great deal and work together to reach the most advantageous price agreement.
  • We’re inventing the future of real estate.
  • Our average sale price is $6 million. We list for 60 days and spend the first week doing inspections, disclosures, tour-video, and brochures, to represent your home at its best. We make sure you’re protected, with full disclosures before potential buyers ever know about your home. We perform comprehensive marketing activities before we even start selling. Representing one buyer in three, we keep more money for the seller. We send out 500 letters every day to get the word out. We keep it simple, to save you more.
  • We do all of our marketing within the first week so that your home really stands out from all others that are listed around the same time.
  • Our average time on the market is 17 days.
  • We make sure the price works for both of us so you can achieve the best results, including the best price for you.
  • We’re not a discount brokerage; we’re a company that gives more to the client than anyone else in the industry. Our small team keeps overhead low, and we put the savings in your pocket.
  • Contact: Email us at and
  • Text us or leave a message at 650-520-4547 (Vince, Sr.)
  • and 650-784-8364 (Vince, Jr.)
  • If you want to leave us a private message at the office, please give your name and phone number and the property address. We’ll get back to you by the next business day.
  • We look forward to hearing from you.
  • Ameribanker Luxury Real Estate
  • 650-800-7189