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Ameribanker Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Atherton

Atherton | Breathtaking Estates in High Demand

The town of Atherton may be small, but it has plenty of money. During the later years of the 19th century, it became a summertime getaway destination for San Francisco's affluent society. This influx of people resulted in its transformation into a base of operation for well-heeled socialites, prominent venture capitalists and top executives of California's Silicon Valley.

There are four major neighborhoods in Atherton, each with its own distinguishing characteristics.

Nevertheless, the town remains an exclusive residential area. Although a few establishments do exist within Atherton's city limits, Menlo Circus Club, an equestrian focused, members-only country club is one of those.

Living in Atherton Oaks

Atherton Oaks may not be as well-known as other Atherton neighborhoods, but people still find the area desirable, especially since it has plenty of spacious homes, as well as great schools. This neighborhood is home to single-story ranch homes that sit on an acre or more of land.

Prices of homes are driven by location. Some of the most expensive homes are located off of Fair Oaks Lane, and this includes areas such as Mount Vernon and Virginia Lanes.

Some parents decide to send their kids to schools such as the Menlo School and the Sacred Heart Schools, which are some of the most prestigious schools in the neighborhood.

The only public park located in Atherton is Holbrook Palmer Park, and it was once a private estate. Now it is home to various historic buildings, a baseball diamond, nursery school and a few tennis courts.

Asides from that, a few blocks away, you can find the Fair Oaks Caltrain station and the library, town hall and the post office. Stanford University is not that far from the neighborhood, and there are various private clubs in the area. These clubs offer you the chance to play polo, swim, play tennis, golf, and enjoy riding facilities.

Upscale Living In West Atherton

West Atherton is an exclusive neighborhood with upscale, luxurious homes. Faxon Dean Atherton, a wealthy Massachusetts businessman, was the first to call this place home when he built a 600-acre ranch in this area. The neighborhood is now one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Menlo Circus Club, a private club for socialites and equestrians, now occupies the space where Atherton's private residence once stood.

Heritage oak, pine and cedar trees line the wide streets. As with other neighborhoods in Atherton, the lack of sidewalks here allows the community to maintain a rural vibe. Elegant estate homes are tucked discreetly behind elaborate fences and hedges allowing residents to maintain their even as they showcase their elegant homes.

Ranch style homes are becoming rare as young homeowners replace them with their own version of a dream house.

The houses in this neighborhood are unique meaning price varies widely according to design and location, with homes located on the popular central streets selling for significantly more than those homes on the outskirts of the community.

Atherton Neighborhoods

Atherton Fair Oaks
Neighbors love Atherton Fair Oaks for it's beautiful, charming, safe, quite and well maintained atmosphere. It's also located near freeway access.

MP Villas
This family and dog friendly neighborhood has beautiful, safe, well maintained parks. It's convenient for the residents and is peaceful with lots of gorgeous trees.

Victoria Manor
Residents love Victoria Manor for its urban atmosphere, shopping, well maintained community and proximity.

A peaceful, family friendly, dog loving, tree lined quite neighborhood is how most residents would describe Lindenwood in Atherton.

Lloyden Park
Described as a peaceful, charming, welcoming, dog friendly, clean neighborhood with gorgeous gardens, Llyoden Park is an attractive neighborhood for families.

West Atherton
Well maintained, dog friendly, clean, secluded, private and peaceful. The residents here enjoy safety and quiet.

West of Alameda
Most of Atherton is described by the residents as peaceful, well maintained, dog and family friendly. Residents boast a safe, quiet neighborhood with beautiful trees and hills.