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Ameribanker Luxury Real Estate Brokerage in Atherton

Atherton Neighborhoods | Atherton Real Estate

December 12 2015
December 12 2015

Atherton Fair Oaks

Neighbors love Atherton Fair Oaks for it's beautiful, charming, safe, quite and well maintained atmosphere. It's also located near freeway access.

MP Villas

This family and dog friendly neighborhood has beautiful, safe, well maintained parks. It's convenient for the residents and is peaceful with lots of gorgeous trees.

Victoria Manor

Residents love Victoria Manor for its urban atmosphere, shopping, well maintained community and proximity.


A peaceful, family friendly, dog loving, tree lined quite neighborhood is how most residents would describe Lindenwood in Atherton.

Lloyden Park

Described as a peaceful, charming, welcoming, dog friendly, clean neighborhood with gorgeous gardens, Llyoden Park is an attractive neighborhood for families.

West Atherton

Well maintained, dog friendly, clean, secluded, private and peaceful. The residents here enjoy safety and quiet.

West of Alameda

Most of Atherton is described by the residents as peaceful, well maintained, dog and family friendly. Residents boast a safe, quiet neighborhood with beautiful trees and hills.


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