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Belmont | Beautiful, Rural Neighborhoods

Belmont is a destination loved by families, with a serene feeling in a rural setting. There are few sidewalks along its streets which are constructed around various hills, but it boasts of various homes with extraordinary views of the peninsula. Belmont has four parks which serve a community of residences and retail shops. Its history can be traced to the founder of Bank of California, William Ralston who also built San Francisco's Palace Hotel. Ralston Hall, Ralston's masterfully constructed summer residence, later became the site of today's Notre Dame University.

William Ralston was called muy modesto (very modest) by a Spanish woman when he refused to have Modesto, another California town, given his name during a Spanish ceremony. This is how Modesto got its name. click here for a high resolution image of the town.

Here are some of the neighborhoods in beautiful Belmont.

  • Antique Forest Homes
  • Belmont Country Club
  • Belmont WoodsCarlmont
  • Homeview
  • Bayshore
  • Belmont Heights
  • California Cottages
  • Central Belmont
  • Cipriani
  • Downtown Belmont
  • Farallon
  • McDougal
  • Plateau Skymont
  • Sterling Downs
  • Western Hills