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Palo Alto Barron Park | Palo Alto Real Estate

December 12 2015
December 12 2015

Barron Park is about fourteen miles north of San Jose and thirty five miles south of San Francisco. The tranquil, historic area has a certain rustic charm and Barron Park residents enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

Drive through the park and you will often see locals working in their gardens or relaxing in the front porch. Barron Park is unique. The suburban area has a rural atmosphere. A few streetlights are strategically placed on streets with no sidewalks. Stylish properties include craftsman built dwellings and modest family homes, yet trees appear to flourish in every garden.

Rest assured, life in Barren Park is never dull.


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December 06, 2018 10:57 PM

Barron is the good place for living because it has the beautiful, peaceful and loving environement. A lot of housing communities are already inhabitated there which if one wants to know, must read my assignment services, to about this place for their own satisfaction. Overall, this would be a great experience for the buyers.


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